Reduce Your Reporting Time by 90%

Eliminate screenshots and manual data verification. Slice automates reporting with API data.
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No More Screenshots

Your team’s time is precious. Collecting screenshots and compiling them into a presentation is not what they need to focus on. All reporting data and previews are done directly in Slice.

All Data is Verified

Is your team looking at a screenshot and then looking up the creator’s post to see if the numbers match? All reporting data in Slice comes directly from social media APIs, so no data can be manipulated.
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Always Have Up to Date Data

A screenshot is a moment in time. Any like, comment, and share after it’s taken doesn’t count. Slice’s dynamic reports update every four hours, so you know your report will have updated data.

Securely Share Reports

Brand your reports with a logo and then confidently send clients a unique link that’s secured with PIN, so only they can view the report.
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Confidently strategies to clients that include hundreds of influencers.

58% of brands plan on using more than 100 influencers at one time.
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