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Influencer Rate Card generation tool in Slice Prokit

Rate Card

Still sharing an outdated PDF to brands and agencies with last year’s rates? Slice gives every creator a Rate Card that automatically updates with their social media data.

Creator Invoices

Don’t know how to make an invoice? Still sending PDF invoices that you forget about? Creators can make an invoice in their Slice app and send to any brand or agency. We track if it’s been paid or not so you don’t have to.
Creator Invoices tool in Slice Prokit
Slice Digital Wallet tool in Slice Prokit

Slice Digital Wallet

Getting paid by brands and agencies is easy with Slice Digital Wallet. Every Slice account automatically gets a Digital Wallet. We track all your transactions and make it easy to withdraw funds to any bank account.

Creator Analytics

Setelah menghubungkan akun TikTok, Instagram, dan Youtube, kreator bisa melihat pertumbuhan mereka di semua platform dari waktu ke waktu. Pertumbuhan, dan peningkatan engagement akan ditampilkan dalam satu dashboard.
Creator Analytics tool in Slice Prokit
Slice Academy in Slice Prokit

Slice Academy

Being a content creator is a journey. The problems you have at 1,000 followers are not the same when you have 1 million followers. Academy offers a library of content for all types of creators so they can learn and grow.
We’ve worked with global brands, top agencies, tech startups, and more.
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