Automate Your Creator Tax Calculations

Every time you send payments via Slice Payments, we calculate your tax obligations, per content creator, automatically.
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Display of Slice Tax

We Calculate Individual Taxes

What rate should each individual content creator be taxed at? It can be tedious calculating the individual tax obligations. Slice calculates this automatically with every payment sent via Slice Payments.

Easily Upload Tax Docs

Slice enables brands and agencies to upload relevant tax documents from the government so each content creator has access and can download at documents at their convenience.
Manage influencer taxes in Slice
Influencer tax receipts

Download a .csv File

No need for your finance teams to individually check each creator profile and screenshot taxable transactions. Slice tracks everything and let’s you download it all at once.
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Confidently strategies to clients that include hundreds of influencers.

58% of brands plan on using more than 100 influencers at one time.