Quickly Send and Track Invoices

Don’t know how to make an invoice? Don’t have a system to see if you’ve been paid? Slice has you covered.

Making an invoice takes one minute and you can share a link via email or chat. Your Slice ProKit dashboard will show you when an invoice has been paid and who still owes you money.
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Creating an Invoice is Easy

No need for spreadsheets or design software. Our creator invoices require you to fill out a few lines of information and your professional invoice can automatically be sent to your client. Name, campaign, dates, and what the campaign scope of work was is all you need.

Sending an Invoice is Simple

When you’ve created your invoice, Slice sends the invoice directly to your client’s email. We also give you a link so you can send it directly to your client via chat.
Generate influencer invoice
Track influencer invoices status

Tracking Payment Status is a Breeze

Who owes you money? Slice tracks all your invoices so you can see who has paid you and who still needs to send payment. No need to check your bank account, chat messages, and email to see if payment has been sent.

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