Simplify Creator Payments

Pay all your content creators with one click. Slice streamlines the communication between your marketing and finance team to make payments a breeze.
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Pay Hundreds of Creators in One Click

Onboarding your creators and send payment to one or a thousand creators takes the same amount of effort. Save your finance team hours of individual payments and make it easier for your marketing team to work with hundreds of creators in a single campaign.

Calculate Progressive Tax

Slice automatically calculates the progressive tax per content creator, saving your team hours in calculations. When we onboard creators, they go through a KYC process, so we can accurately calculate tax and you always know the tax status of each content creator.
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customize influencer payment terms

Flexible Payment Terms

Payment terms differ for every creator. Full payment? 50% down payment? After 30 days? We give your team the ability to adjust the amount you pay each content creator, within a single payment.

Control Team Access

Multiple accounts allow you to control who has the ability to send a payment to content creators. Adding your finance team is easy and straightforward.
Slice influencer payment team access
Display of Slice Digital Wallet

Top Up Via Bank Transfer

Sending creator payments can easily be done through a normal bank transfer. Topping up to your Slice digital wallet is just like topping up a typical ewallet.
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Start paying thousands of creators with one click.

Streamline taxes and payments with Slice Payments.