About Us

Slice Team
I know this page is supposed to have a vague but inspirational tagline about our company’s mission and values. 

I also know few people read this page and if you do, why should we waste your time with something that really doesn’t make sense to you? 

Let me do my best to explain Slice Group in plain English (or the equivalent Bahasa).

We are trying to help more content creators get paid. This can come in the form of being full-time content creator or someone who is looking to make some cash as a side gig.

Either way, we want to help increase the number of content creators who can get paid for their content. 

How Are We Doing This?

Most other companies in our industry are trying to match creators with brands or give them a button to get tips or sell items to their audience. Nothing wrong with this, it’s definitely needed. But we believe the problem is deeper than that. 

The people who make the decisions on who can get paid for content creation are largely using manual processes. This limits the number of content creators they can work with. The human hours needed to service a creator with a million followers is the same as someone with a thousand followers. 

At the end of the day, the Slice platform will enable agencies to easily work with more content creators without increasing headcount. 

Slice is looking to expand the total number of content creators who can get paid by unlocking bottlenecks created by manual processes. This can be in the form of payments, tax calculations, campaign reports, contract signing, and more. 

What About the Content Creators?

Simply put, we want to equip creators with tools to be professional content creators. We are constantly looking for ways to make their lives easier when it comes to working with brands and ensure they get paid as quickly as possible and their creator lives can grow along with the size of their audience. 

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I hope I was able to keep things simple and you understand what Slice is and what we are trying to build.

If I failed, feel free to email directly for clarification.


Jesse Bouman

Co-Founder & CEO