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Stop sending a PDF from Drive with your follower count from last year. Slice’s Media Kits gives you a link to share with your latest follower count and audience info.
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“Slice Rate Card can make us look like we have a really cool social media portfolio! I've never done or understood shareable rate cards before, and I think it's super helpful for building future collaborations with brands. So far, I'm really satisfied with signing up on Slice. Hopefully, there will be more collaborations with Slice in the future!"
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Share a Public Link with Your Latest Data

Slice Rate Card gives every creator a public link that automatically updates with your latest data. Stop sending an outdated PDF with information from a year ago. Give brands up to date follower counts, engagement rates, pricing, and more.

Up to Date Follower Counts and Analytics

Your follower count is always growing. Slice automatically updates your Rate Card with your latest follower count and engagement rate so brands always know the most up to date information.
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Publicly Share Your Rate Card

How many times have you been asked for your rate card? When you update your rate card in the Rate Card, any brand or agency that has your Media Kit link has your most up to date rate card. Update it once, update everyone.

Dynamic Audience Information

Brands want to know who follows your content. Slice Rate Cards pull data to visualize gender, age, and top cities.
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