Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slice?
Slice simplifies payments for the creator economy. Our creator management solution enables agencies to work with more creators by streamlining payments, taxes, contracts, and reporting at scale.
Does Slice help me find influencers to work with?
No. We are not a marketplace. Our software enables you to onboard creators you want to work with and streamline the rest of your workflow process from there.
Will Slice help me onboard creators to my account?
Yes. We have a team that will help you onboard content creators to your account and help creators with any issues they have when signing up to Slice.
How much does Slice cost?
We charge for Slice on a software as a service fee (SaaS). We have different plans that cost $29 -$449 a month. Our most popular plan is $149 a month.
Are there additional fees?
Slice will charge you a platform fee (1%) for every payment transfer and 6,500 IDR per content creator. These are only charged when you use your payment feature.
Does Slice offer a free trial?
Yes. We offer a free trial. You have access to all of Slice's features. Our team is available to help you with onboarding and anything else you need.
Do you offer a discount for first time customers?
We give everyone a 20% discount when they sign up and pay for one year up front.
If I onboard my creators to Slice, can other agencies/brands access them for campaigns?
We do not make creators accessible to other agencies via our platform. We do not have a discovery function for creators in our database.
Can other agencies/brands see my reporting data?
No. Our reporting data is only for you. When you create a report, you automatically get a PIN that you can share with clients or team members. So none of the reporting data is available until they have inputted the PIN.
How does Slice Payments work?
Slice enables you to pay multiple content creators at one time. We partner with a licensed payment gateway to facilitate these payments safely. Brands and agencies can top up their digital wallet and then pay multiple content creators at one time via your campaign report.
How accurate are Slice tax calculations?
We have consulted with multiple, certified tax professionals on the regulations of Indonesian tax calculations for content creators. We account for standard scenarios based on the tax basis and progressive tax tiers.
Where is Slice available?
Slice currently operates in Indonesia. We have plans to open in Singapore and Philippines in 2024.
How to create a Facebook Page to connect Instagram to Slice?
Open your Facebook account, select Menu then click 'Pages'. Select create and fill in the required data. You can use your Facebook Pages directly.
Is Connecting to Slice safe?
It's safe, Slice cannot read activity data or passwords from your account. Slice can only read data that you allow
What data can Slice retrieve via APIs?
The only data that can be retrieved is Analytics from your Social Media account. Either overall analytics from your profile or from the content you connect to.
What should I do if I don't get a verification email?
Check spam or promotional emails. If the verification email is not available, you can re-request the verification email. If you still haven't received it, please inform our team.
What benefits or advantages will you get if you join Slice as creator?
You can make invoices to brands, have your own profile rate card with real-time updated profile analytics, see analytics from all social media connected in one dashboard, and learn from existing content. on Slice Academy
What is the general form of collaboration if a creator joins a slice (between the creator and Slice)?
Creators who have joined Slice will automatically enter the Slice database and will be our priority when there is collaboration with brands.

Creators who join Slice do not have any contracts and are free from fee shares because Slice only applies agency fees and these fees will be borne by the brand.
Is there brand knowledge or detailed drafts to study?
To learn more about Slice, you can check our website at
What should the creator do next when they have successfully signed up?
If the creator has successfully signed up, the creator needs to connect their social media account to Slice. For the tutorial, you can check this link.
Why can't the Instagram creator account connect to Slice?
Make sure the Instagram creator account is connected to Facebook Pages first (make sure to allow access). After that, the creator can connect his Instagram account with Slice.
How do creators set rate cards in Slice?
Creators can set or update the rate card in the "Rate Card" menu, click edit, and fill in the existing columns according to the channel.
How do creators share rate cards from Slice?
Creators can open the "Rate Card" menu, then click Copy next to the link at the top right and can Paste to the destination.
How to create and send an invoice?
Creators can open the "Digital Wallet" > "Invoice" menu and click the "+" button to create an invoice. Fill in the details of the destination and price to be charged. Following are the definitions of the existing columns:
  1. Agency Name: Name of the target company
  2. PIC Name: Name of the intended recipient (or representative of the company).
  3. PIC Details: Email address of the recipient (or representative of the company)
  4. Phone Number: Telephone number of the recipient (or representative of the company)
  5. Campaign Name: The name of the campaign or project
  6. Invoice Date: The date the invoice was created
  7. Due Date: Deadline date for invoices to be paid (minimum H+1 since the invoice was created)
  8. Message: Notes to be delivered to the collectible
  9. Scope of Work: Details of the Content you want to bill for
Quantity: Amount
Who is the recipient of the invoice that the creator has created in Slice?
The recipient of the invoice will be the email address entered in the "PIC Details" column
Where will the money from invoice go?
The money from invoice collection will go to the Slice Digital Wallet Creator which can be checked in the "Digital Wallet" > "Balance" menu
Why is IDR 1,000 deducted every time I send an invoice?
Slice will automatically deduct IDR 1,000 (One Thousand Rupiah) every time an invoice is sent for the cost of making the invoice.
Where can I see the status of invoices that have been sent?
Click the "Digital Wallet" > "Invoice" menu and see the status of all the invoices you have sent there. Here is the meaning of each status:
  1. Paid : The invoice has been paid
  2. Waiting Payment: Waiting for invoice payment to be made
  3. Expired: The invoice has passed the deadline and is no longer valid for payment
What should I do if the Invoice Status is "Expired"?
You can regenerate an invoice, because the invoice is no longer valid and the recipient of the invoice can no longer make payments via the invoice.
How does Creator know the Pin used to withdraw Slice Digital Wallet balance to a bank account?
The default Pin is "000000", to change the pin please open the "Account Settings" menu > then click "Change" on the Payment Security Code.
Why is my balance deducted by IDR 5,000 every time I make a withdrawal?
The admin fee per withdrawal is IDR 5,000 (Five Thousand Rupiah), but there is no minimum withdrawal amount.