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Slice is a creator payment platform that simplifies
payments, taxes, contracts, and reporting for influencer marketing.
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Pay Creators In Bulk

Paying content creators is time consuming. You have to track contracts, tax records, and calculate taxes before you send payments one by one. Slice automatically streamlines this entire process with our bulk payments.
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Calculate Tax Obligations

Tracking how much you’ve paid each individual creator and what rate they should be taxed at will drive any finance team mad. Slice automatically calculates tax obligations for every payment sent through Slice and gives everyone a record of each transaction.

Create Verified Reports Instantly

Slice’s integrated reports enable you to create Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube reports in one combined report. All reporting data is created with API data, direct from social platforms. Reporting data is 100% accurate and updates every four hours.
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Manage Creator Relationships

Build your relationships with each creator. Slice CRM tracks past performance, rate cards, KYC, and tax information for each creator. Add notes so everyone is on the same page
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Save time by streamlining manual influencer marketing tasks.

Work faster and more securely with Slice’s creator CRM.